Welcome to my site about basic whole food cooking. Food has such a profound influence on so many aspects of our lives. What we eat contributes to our mental, emotional and physical health as well as our relationship to disease and the maintenance of body functions. As a certified fitness and nutrition specialist, I wanted to create recipes centered around whole, natural, nutrient-dense foods that are delicious and enjoyable to eat.

The site initially began as a source of whole food recipes, nutrition info and basic cooking techniques for clients, friends and family. It has evolved into a space that I wanted to share with everyone and is a reflection of what a balanced diet looks like to me and my family.

Eating whole foods like nuts, beans, fruits, grains and vegetables and knowing how to prepare them for optimal digestion are intrinsic to improve overall health and well being. We don’t follow any particular diet but we strive to eat well and maintain an active lifestyle. We’ve found that we are happier when we are healthy.