I am loving the pastel and mystical food trend right now. I thought I would try it after I made a bunch of Easter dye for our eggs. I wanted to dye some eggs for our Easter egg hunt at my sister’s house. I made purple dye, blue dye, red dye and pink dye. We hard boiled the eggs and gathered around the table to dye (like we do every year). After the eggs were submerged in the dye for a minute or two I noticed nothing was happening. The eggs did not pick up the dye. So the natural dye idea for the eggs was a total fail.

Our first year of marriage, Brady and I sat down to dye Easter eggs and I pulled out a bunch of colored foods. He probably thought it was the strangest thing but it actually worked. I think when I did it then I smeared the berries and other foods on the eggs and they picked up the dye. This time I put the food in water or yogurt and the eggs didn’t pick up the dye – so that was probably the problem. Oh well, at least I had a bunch of dye for our food.  We ended up coloring the eggs with crayons and they turned out pretty cute.

So I had a bunch of dye left and we colored toppings for our pancakes, dyed yogurt and fruit bowls and made unicorn toast. The kids thought it was really fun and when the food looks pretty, I think they enjoy eating it a little bit more. I took a picture of our disastrous kitchen after the food and dye was everywhere but I’m not sure I have the guts to post the total mess we made.



Options for the base

  • Greek yogurt
  • cashew cream
  • almond, dairy-free cream cheese
  • coconut yogurt
  • coconut cream

To make the colors

  • Blue: blue matcha, blue pea powder, cooked red cabbage or blue spirulina powder
  • Green: spirulina powder, matcha powder or chlorophyll drops
  • Purple: crushed freeze-dried blueberries
  • Pink: crushed freeze-dried strawberries, beetroot powder or raw beet
  • Yellow: tumeric powder
  • Brown: 100% cocoa powder


For blue: In a small bowl add the base. You can add any of the blue powders to the base and mix thoroughly. Continue to add the powder until you reach the desired shade of blue.

For the red cabbage: Roughly chop cabbage and put a few handfuls of cabbage in a pot of boiling water. Boil for about 15-20 minutes. Strain out the cabbage but keep the water – it should be purple. (I keep the cabbage for smoothies, recipe here). Reduce the liquid by simmering for about an hour. (I don’t typically want to wait that long so I just use the liquid as is but it will turn out better if you reduce it). Add small amounts of baking soda to the liquid and it will begin to turn blue. Don’t add too much or else the baking soda taste will be too strong.

For green: In a small bowl, add your base and slowly add one of the green color options above. Mix thoroughly. Continue process until you reach the desired shade. Note: the spirulina taste is very strong so use this sparingly or go for the chlorophyll drops.

For purple: Take a handful or two of freeze-dried blueberries and crush them in a plastic bag (or food processor). This will make a powder. Add this powder to your base and mix thoroughly.

For pink: Take a handful or two of freeze-dried strawberries and crush them in a plastic bag (or food processor). Mix this pink powder with the base thoroughly.

If using beetroot powder: In small bowl, add base and slowly add beetroot powder until you get the desired color.

If using raw beet: wash and scrub beet until clean. Finely grate the beet onto a paper towel or cheesecloth. Keep a cutting board or plate under paper towel/cheese cloth so you don’t stain counter tops. Wrap up your beet shavings and squeeze over base until you get the desired shade of pink.

For yellow: In small bowl, add base and slowly add tumeric powder. Mix and repeat until you get the desired shade.

For brown: In a small bowl, add base and slowly add 100% cocoa powder. Mix and repeat until you get the desired shade. This will be bitter so you can sprinkle in your sweetener of choice if you are wanting this to be sweet.

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